Essential Oils and Candida Albicans

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Candida albicans is a yeast found in various parts of the body, and it is part of the normal flora. Candida can be found in the mouth, throat, intestinal tract, and the genital tract. Candida is normally in balance with other bacteria and fungi in the body, but occasionally the balance of the bowel flora is interrupted. Interrupted balance of the bowel flora can cause the fungi to move through the blood to other areas of the body. Now different symptoms occur.

The mouth and the vagina are two areas where various symptoms can be found. When Candida appears in the mouth it is called thrush and can be recognized by white sores on the gums, inside the cheeks, and on the tongue. When Candida is found in the vaginal region it is called vaginitis, or it may also be called thrush. White discharge and itching are the most common symptoms. Untreated Candida may lead to fungal infections, cystitis, poor memory, and depression. It may also cause food intolerance, diarrhea, bloating and constipation. When treating Candida it is important to consider a change in diet, as well as natural remedies since yeast thrive in certain environments. 

It is important to consider the various symptoms associated with the condition since they require different methods of administration. Essential oils with  anti-fungal, antiseptic, and immune stimulants are the most suitable oils to use. It is also important to consider the digestive and psychological concerns. Candida can cause depression and digestive concerns as well. 

Essential Oil Properties
Anti-fungal oils will destruct and suppress the growth of fungi, while antiseptic oils will prevent and counteract the growth of microorganisms. The immune stimulant oils inhibit the microorganisms as well as stimulate the immune system. If digestive discomforts such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating are a problem I would consider carminative and antispasmodic oils as well. Carminative oils will stimulate the peristalsis and assist in reducing gas. Since many antispasmodics have astringent properties as well as calming the nervous system, antispasmodics will reduce spasms and contractions and therefore may be beneficial in diarrhea. Hepatic oils are also important in order to enhance liver function. They strengthen the liver and assist in increasing the flow of bile.

is a powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial and immune stimulant oil gentle enough for oral administration such as gargle and mouthwash.

has immune stimulant, antimicrobial and antiseptic actions at the same time as it soothes the mind. It is a non - toxic oil with powerful actions and gentle enough for oral administration such as mouthwash and gargle too.

Tea tree
Melaleuca alternifolia has shown remarkable activity both in vitro and as well as in vivo against Candida albicans. Tea tree is an immune stimulant and a  powerful antimicrobial oil. The oil is  safe enough to use for oral administration such as a mouthwash or gargle.

According to Battaglia, for oral thrush, 2 drops of tea tree can be added to warm water and used as a gargle and mouthwash after meal.

For vaginitis, douche and vaginal slides seems to be the most effective even though a sitz bath can be used. For a vaginal slide 15 drops of essential oils can be added to 100 grams of acidophilus yogurt and added to a tampon. For a sitz bath, fill the bath tub with enough water to cover the hips up to the waist only. Add 5 drops of essential oil per quart of water and mix well.

Valerie Ann Worwood suggests the following blend for Candida:

German Chamomile 5 drops
Lavender 5 drops
Tea tree 5 drops

Add the oils to about 100 grams of acidophilus yogurt and mix well. Use a tampon applicator to get the mixture in to the body. She also says the yogurt can be diluted with warm purified water until a thin fluid, add the essential oils and used as a douche.

Roman Chamomile 
has antifungal, antiseptic and sedative properties. Chamomile may assist in stopping the overgrowth of yeast, at the same time as it soothes the mind with its sedative properties. 

has antiseptic, antifungal and nervine properties. It also has an affinity with the urinary system. It is also an uplifting oil, and may assist in stabilizing the emotions and ease tension.

Bergamot and Roman Chamomile are gentle enough to be used on the delicate mucus membranes of the vagina.

Lavender, bergamot and chamomile can be used in a stomach massage. They may alleviate digestive discomfort and depression due to their sedative, carminative, antispasmodic, hepatic, immune stimulant and antimicrobial actions. An uplifting oil such as bergamot can be used in an oil burner or in a bath.

Dietary Consideration
Dietary considerations are important. Avoid food that cause allergies and this includes dairy and wheat. Grain, potatoes, eggplants, salted food, and tomatoes should be avoided. Avoid all refined carbohydrates and yeast containing food such as fermented beverages, beer, yeast bread, moldy cheeses and so on. 

One clove garlic and one teaspoon of olive oil can be taken daily. Foods that can be eaten freely include fish, vegetables, poultry and meat. Natural yogurt, raw garlic, and rye bisquits are fine to eat. Vitamin C, E, A, and B-Complex are known to be beneficial for Candida. Digestive enzymes, Probiotic supplements and zinc should also be considered. 

Before you leave:

I recommend that you always perform a skin patch test when you try a new oil.

Check out my safety page to make sure you are aware of any contrindications before you use essential oils. Some oils are not suitable when suffering from certain conditions. AlsoRead this Before You Start Using Essential oils. Some oils should not be applied prior to sun exposure so make sure you check this list before spending time in the sun.

Not sure how to apply the oils? Visit these pages to learn how to apply the oils:
If you're new to essential oils you might want to check out my Getting Started Guide. 


Johanna is an aromatherapist and she is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. 

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