Are You Diffusing the Essential Oils Correctly?

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Diffusing essential oils is a very effective way in destroying airborne bacteria and germs. The diffused essential oils can also alter the structure of the odor molecules instead of masking them. They have the ability to increase the oxygen, release natural ozone and produce negative ions.

Essential oils like lavender, Melaleuca alternafolia, Eucapyptus globulus, lemon, orange, frankincense and lemongrass are said to be  very effective in destroying airborne germs and bacteria.

When I first started with aromatherapy I purchased an aroma lamp to diffuse my oils. I have since then learned that heating or burning the oils can render the therapeutic effects, and that toxic compounds can be created. The burned oils may even be carcinogenic.

A cold air diffuser is superior and the recommended choice for diffusing essential oils. It atomize a fine mist of essential oils in the air which can remain for hours. It disperses the essential oils without heating or burning.

Diffusing certain  oils using a cold air diffuser may have these benefits according to research:
  • Relax the body, clear the mind, and relieve tension.
  • Help with weight management.
  • Reduce bacteria, mold, fungus, and odors.
  • Stimulate neurotransmitters.
  • Improve concentration, mental clarity and alertness.
  • Stimulate secretion of endorphins.
  • Improve digestive functions.
  • Stimulate growth hormone production and receptivity.
  • Improve hormonal balance.
  • Improve the secretion of IgA antibodies that fight candida.
  • Relieve headache.

If you are new to diffusing essential oils I would suggest that you only diffuse the oils for about 15-20 minutes a day. Once you are used to the oils and their effects you can increase the time to 1-2 hours a day.

If you place the diffuser high in the room the oil mists will remove the odor causing substances as they fall through the air.

Connecting the diffuser to a timer is highly recommended so that you can be in better control over the length and duration of diffusing.

When you diffuse blends it is best to limit it to one blend at a time so that you don't alter the therapeutic effects and the smell.

Use natural soap and warm or hot water when cleaning the diffuser. It is recommended to wash the diffuser before using another blend or oil.

Don't have a diffuser? You can create a spray and mist the house, car and workplace. Add several drops to a spray bottle, add 1 cup of water and shake.

Here is a blend to get started with:

Air Freshener
Lavender 20 drops
Lemon 10 drops
Bergamot 6 drops
Lime 5 drops
Grapefruit 5 drops

Diffuse neat, straight, or mix with one cup of distilled water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray.

Other Ways to Diffuse Oils:
  • Add essential oils to cedar chips.
  • Put scented cedar chips in drawers or closets.
  • Put essential oils on cotton balls and place in the car or home air vents.
  • Place a bowl of water with a few drops of oil on a wood stove.
  • Dampen a cloth, apply essential oils to it, and place it near the intake duct of the heating and cooling system.
Oils like lemon, peppermint, Eucalyptus radiata, Melaleuca alternifolia and frankincense are great to use with humidifiers and vaporizers. Some essential oils may damage the plastic parts so make sure to test the oil first.

Before you leave:

I recommend that you always perform a skin patch test when you try a new oil on the skin.

Check out my safety page to make sure you are aware of any contrindications before you use essential oils. Some oils are not suitable when suffering from certain conditions. AlsoRead this Before You Start Using Essential oils. Some oils should not be applied to the skin prior to sun exposure, so make sure you check this list before spending time in the sun.

Not sure how to apply the oils? Visit these pages to learn how to apply the oils:
If you're new to essential oils you might want to check out my Getting Started Guide. 

Johanna is an aromatherapist and she is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. 

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