My Favorite Macerated Oils

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Infused oils of Calendula (Calendula officinalis) and St.John Wort (Hypericum perforatum) are among my favorites. They can be used as stand alone oils or blended together.
Calendula is a useful medicinal, culinary and cosmetic herb. Keep it in the first aid kit. It can be used as a cleansing, soothing wash for cuts and grazes and will help prevent infection.

It is important to remember not to use calendula when an infection is already present, as it can stimulate tissue growth, healing over a wound and encourage the infection to internalize. If an infection is present it is best to use St. John Wort or a mixture of both.

 Infused oils are prepared by heating base oil and herbs together. Base oils have active constituents, which will enhance the massage, so it is important to know which base oil to use. Infused oils can be used instead of plain in massage oils to enhance the healing benefits.

Base oil: 1 cup
Dried herb: ½ oz.
Fresh herb: 1oz.
Put the herbs in a jar with a tight fitting-lid and pour the oil over them. Make sure the herbs are completely covered. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or white wine to help break down the plant material. Leave the jar to sit in the sun all day and in a warm cabinet at night for two weeks. Strain through 4 layers of unbleached cotton cheese cloth or muslin. This can be repeated two to three times to make a stronger oil. The final product should be strong enough to leave an aroma when massaged on the skin,

Crock pot Method
Base oil: 1 cup
Dried herb: ½ oz.
Fresh herb: 1oz.
Place the herbs and oil in a crockpot and leave on low heat for two hours. Follow the directions for the solar method for straining.

Waterbath Metod
Base oil: 1 cup
Dried herb: ½ oz.
Fresh herb: 1oz.
Pour the oil over the herbs in a stainless steel bowl. Heat over water bath (a sauce pan one-quarter filled with water), or a double boiler, which should be simmering. The bowl needs to be floating in the water. Keep the lid on the oil and stir occasionally. Simmer for 30 minutes and make sure it doesn’t get too hot. It should not smoke or bubble.

Soothing, softening, and relaxing oil
Rose petals: 2 parts
Lavender flowers: 1 part
Lemon Balm leaves: 1 part
Chamomile flowers: 1 part

All-purpose healing massage oil
Comfrey leaves: 1 part
Calendula flowers: 1 part
Rosemary leaves: 1 part

Healing and Relaxing oil
Lavender flowers: 1 part
Calendula flowers: 1 part
Sage leaves: ½ part

Sensitive skin massage oil
Sweet almond oil: 3 cups
Lavender flowers: 1tbl
Chamomile flowers: 1tbl
Elder flowers: 1tbl
Use the solar method.

Stimulating, penetrating, antiseptic oil
Bay leaves: 1 part
Eucalyptus leaves: 1 part
Rosemary leaves: 1 part

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