Tips for Sunburns

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We have had wonderful weather up here in the Sierra Foothills the last few day so we have spent many hours outside. I spent a little too much time sitting in the sun the other day. Fortunately, my daughter made an essential oil spray of lavender and calendula for the wound that she got from her bicycle crash the other day.  I felt a lot better after using my daughter's lavender spray. Below are some tips on what to do if you're sore after spending too much time in the sun.

A cooling bath for a sore skin
If the skin is very sore after a day in the sun you might want to pour a cooling bath and add some essential oils. Suitable carriers that historically been used for sunburns are honey, milk, aloe vera, honey and cream. Mix the essential oils with the carrier, and add to the bath water once its filled. The adult dose is 8-10 drops of essential oils to a full bath. I add half the amount to my 9 and 10 year old, so make sure to dilute it even more for smaller children. 

Super Duper After Sun Healing Spray
Distilled water 1/2 cup
Witch hazel 1/4 cup
Aloe vera 1/4 cup
Lavender  8 drops
R. Chamomile 2 drops
Geranium  1 drop
Honey 1 tsp.
Mix water, witch hazel and aloe vera. Combine honey and essential oils and mix well. Add the essential oil mixture to the water. Make sure you use at least an 8 oz. spray bottle. Use several times during the day.

Other useful things to have at home in case the skin gets sunburned:

Extra virgin olive oil 
Extra virgin oil has traditionally been used to treat and heal burns for centuries. The cold pressed oil is high in vitamins and minerals.

Calendula is a staple in our house. I make infused oils and I always keep an bottle in the fridge. It can be used as a stand alone, or added to other blends, or mixed with essential oils can for extra healing. It is powerful on its own. I also use it as an ingredient when I make ointments, facial creams, or facial toners.

Wheat germ oil 
Is high in antioxidants and is useful for burns and damaged skin.

Is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and can be used as a healing agent for dressings. Essential oils increase its effect, lavender and chamomile are especially useful.

Peppermint tea
 Is cooling and a good choice when it is hot and someone needs to cooled down.

Spray bottles 
Make a simple spray of Lavender  and use as a cooling and soothing spray.

We joke in our family and say that we eat our sunscreen:
  • We hydrate well
  • We eat extra antioxidants, especially beta carotene
  • We eat omega essential fatty acids.
  • We eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit to protect our skin as well.
  • Use essential oils for skin care. Essential oils have some of the highest ORAC values of all substances.
  • We make sure we get enough trace minerals, vitalized protein and vitamins in the summer heat. We add oxygen drops with electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids and trace minerals to our drinking water.

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I recommend that you always perform a skin patch test when you try a new oil.

Check out my safety page to make sure you are aware of any contrindications before you use essential oils. Some oils are not suitable when suffering from certain conditions. Also, Read this Before You Start Using Essential oils. Some oils should not be applied prior to sun exposure so make sure you check this list before spending time in the sun.

Not sure how to apply the oils? Visit these pages to learn how to apply the oils:


Johanna is an aromatherapist and she is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. 
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