Cleaning with Essential Oils

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It is much safer to use essential oils when you clean than harsh chemicals. Essential oils can be used as a deodorizer to clean the air, as disinfectants for surfaces, for laundry and much more.  

Most essential oils are antiseptic and bactericides, which will inhibit bacterial growth. Some oils are also antifungal and antiviral so they are also good for you at the same time. Not only do they assist in cleaning your house but they may also boost your immune system. I always use oils that stimulate the immune system when I clean during flu season. Luckily the best bacteria busters are also among the strongest immune stimulants. I wrote a post on oils for the immune system a while back, Essential Oils for the Respiratory and the Immune System

My favorites
My favorite single oils are cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme and pine. Tea tree is another favorite of mine which is a relatively inexpensive oil readily available at most places. However, my children prefer that I use other oils since they don't like the smell of tea tree. We have discovered that Manuka oil is much more pleasant oil to use.

Pick your Favorite
It is nothing more refreshing in springtime than using  refreshing essential oils. Lime, lemon, geranium, bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary and lavender are great oils for the lighter and warmer time of the year. They make a perfect room spray to disinfect the stuffy house after winter. For a more floral blend consider neroli. If your want a romantic touch to your bedroom you can add ylang ylang, jasmine, and  rose . These oils are pricy but very potent so a little goes a long way. 
In winter when I feel more cold I like to use more warming oils like nutmeg, orange, cinnamon, frankincense and cypress. I add oils like rosemary, thyme or eucalyptus if the flu goes around. There are no rules about what oils to use and it is all about personal preference. What works for one might not work for the other. 

Spring and Summer Room Spray
Lemon 10 drops
Geranium 4 drops
Sandalwood 2 drops

Add the oils  2 1/2 cups of water and put in a spray bottle. Remember to shake before spraying. Or make your own blend, lavender and geranium make a good match, you can also add citrus oils with lavender and geranium for a great spring mix. The great thing about a room spray is that it can be used to disinfect surfaces also and even used to deodorize the carpet. You want to test on a small piece in the corner first to make sure it doesn't stain.

Here is another spray you can use for kitchens and bathrooms
1 quart of water
rosemary 2 drops
lemon 4 drops
eucalyptus 3 drops
lavender 4 drops
Mix the oils with the water and add to a spray bottle.

 Essential oils can be used all over the house. You can add 25 drops of eucalyptus to the laundry to fight dust mites, research has shown that eucalyptus kills dust mites.  Add 10 drops of  essential oils like tea tree, lemon, bergamot and lavender, to a damp  wash cloth and use in the dryer instead of the softening sheets. It will not prevent static but at least add a pleasant smell.

Use one of two drops of lemon juice on stains. Let it sit for a while and rub it off with a clean cloth or throw it in the laundry. I like to add different oils to my dusting rag for a pleasant smell when I dust. I also add oils to my sponges and rags in the kitchen.

Easy Floor Cleaner
Add 1/2 cup of vinegar
A bucket of water
2-10 drops of lemon, pine, tea tree (melaleuca), spruce or Purification essential oil blend

Household Cleaner
Fill a spray bottle with water
Add a squirt of Dr.Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap, or liquid dish soap
Add 5 drops each of lemon, lavender and pine essential oils
shake well

or add

lime 5 drops
bergamot 3 drops
lavender 2 drops
orange 1 drop

Another Cleaner
1/2 cup of vinegar
1 cup of water
1/2 teaspoon liquid soap like Dr.Bronner's
Add to a spray bottle.
Add the one of the blends above. Spray on surfaces and wipe with a damp sponge.

Window Cleaners
1 quart spray bottle
1 cup white vinegar
10-15 drops of lemon
Mix the vinegar and water, add the lemon essential oil. Shake before using.

Dishwashing Liquid
1/2 teaspoon essential oil like lemon, orange or lavender
3/4 quarter filled 22 oz squeeze bottle with un-scented castile soap like Dr.Bronner's Soap
Shake well, and fill up to the top of the bottle with distilled water.

There are of course many other ways you can incorporate essential oils into your daily cleaning. Be creative and try new blends or ways. Read more about the oils on my aromatherapy blog.

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Johanna is an aromatherapist and she is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. 

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