The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

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Dry skin brushing is a great way to keep the skin healthy, soft, and smooth. I've made it a habit to dry brush my skin before I take my showers.  It is important that the skin is dry to create friction, since water acts as a lubricant and reduces the effect. Make sure you use a natural bristled brush. A brush made of nylon tears the skin, and it also disturbs the electro-magnetic balance. The natural bristles seem harsh and stiff at first, but they will soften up after being used for a while.

Dry brushing the skin:
  • stimulates the pores to eliminate toxic products
  • redistributes fatty deposits
  • breaks up areas of cellulite
  • stimulates the circulation, especially of the small capillaries under the skin
  • tones the muscles
How to do it
You should brush the whole body in small circles. Brush upward towards the heart. Brush inward on the arms in circular movements towards the heart. Don't forget the soles of your feet. You want to avoid brushing the face and other tender or inflamed areas. 

How often?
Brush once a day on dry skin and follow with a hot and cold shower. Once you do this consistently over a period of a few months, you will notice the benefits of the dry skin brushing. The benefits will be so noticeable that you will miss it if you forget to brush a couple of days. Dry brushing my skin has made such a difference that I couldn't imagine not doing it anymore. My circulation has always been slow, and dry brushing is one of the things I've done that has improved it.

Essential oils
I liked to add a couple of drops of essential oils on the brush to enhance the effect, but it is not necessary. Oils like peppermint, juniper berry, rosemary, orange and grapefruit will stimulate the circulation of the lymph and tissue fluids. Black Pepper is a circulatory stimulant that will increase circulation, and assist in improving the muscle tone. Please read the essential oil safety page to make sure that these oils are right for you.

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Johanna is an aromatherapist and an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils  She is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. She also runs Naturally Sports & Wellness together with her husband.  
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