Paleo Style Granola From Paleo People- Grain and Dairy Free Snacks

10:01 PM Posted by jo

It requires more planning for us when we go places since we don't eat grains, dairy, legumes, or sugar. We are an active family that are often out and about and it is not easy to find healthy snacks that are grain and dairy free.  It is especially a challenge to find healthy snacks when we go on longer trips that last for a couple of weeks. 

Fortunately the Paleo People makes grain free granola that comes in convenient 1 oz. and 5 oz. resealable zip bags, and now we don't need to get stuck with the options that are offered by the fast food places, gas stations or vending machines at the rest stops.  Since my children are the ones that eat most of the snacks I let them try the grain free granola products that Laura from The Paleo People sent me. I'm very pleased to say that my children loved them. My husband is an endurance athlete so these snacks are also great to bring when he does his events.
The Paleo People Snacks are not only wheat and gluten free, they are also grain free. They are made with ingredients that are approved on the Paleo Diet. The snacks are inspired by ingredients such as fruits, spices, seeds, nuts, seeds, and natural sweeteners  that the hunter gatherers used.

The Flavors

The granola comes in four flavors, Cappuccino Crunch, Apple Crisp, Banana Nut Crunch, and Cacao Nut. All products are sweetened with honey which is good, and honey can be used sparingly on the Paleo Diet. They are also gluten, grain, dairy, and egg free. They don't contain any fillers or oat. There are a generous amount of dried fruit in the Apple Crisp and the Banana Nut products and they taste natural and real. 

The ingredient list clearly lists what kind of nuts, seeds, and fruits are used in each product,  but the list fails to specify what kind of natural flavors are used in each product. Even though these products clearly taste natural and have a delicious flavor, I would have preferred to be able to read what kind of individual flavors that were  used instead of just see Natural Flavors being listed.


I'm very sensitive to sugar and I was positively surprised that Paleo granola didn't taste very sweet. I am a coffee drinker so my personal favorite is the Cappuccino Crunch which I thought had an authentic coffee taste. My two youngest children thought that the Apple Crisp was the best and my teenager enjoyed the Cacao Nut the best. My daughter especially liked that the Apple Crisp tasted a lot of cinnamon. The Banana Nut was my children's second favorite and it has a pleasant banana flavor. These are definitely snacks that  appeal to children.

The Paleo snacks taste delicious and I enjoyed their authentic flavors.  I also liked that they are not as hard and crunchy as some of the regular granola. The sizes of granola are not consistent and some pieces are very small while some are bigger chunks,  so it can be little messy for smaller children to eat the snack.

A yummy snack for everyone

The Paleo "style" granola tasted very good and my children enjoyed them very much. I wouldn't eat the granola as a daily snack, but they are perfect to bring on road trips or when we are out and about during the busy summer time. These snacks would also be very useful during longer athletic events when more fuel is needed. This is a snack that my husband is considering using when he rides the Race Across Oregon to qualify for the RAAM - The Race Across America. These snacks can also be enjoyed by vegetarians and people looking for gluten free alternatives.

Check out Paleo People on  Facebook and twitter to learn more about their products.

I didn't not receive compensation for writing this post. I was provided with the products from Paleo People. The opinions shared in this post are my own.
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