Do We Really Need to Spend so Much Money On Childhood Diseases Caused by Environmental Toxins?

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A new study came out to show the cost of childhood diseases linked to environmental toxins. It is shocking to see the amount of money spent. Is it really necessary to spend that much money on childhood diseases? Aren't we better off trying to remove as many toxins from our environment as possible? To build strong and healthy bodies with nourishing foods? I think so, but it doesn't seem to be main concern of our government. After all it approves many of the toxins we are exposed to. I found it sad to see how much money is spent on many diseases that can either be prevented or reversed naturally.  

 The study

The study was conducted by Leonardo Trasande of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. According to the study,  exposure to toxic chemicals and air pollution lead to childhood illnesses that cost 76.6 billions in health care costs in 2008. This is a significant increase since 1997. The study looked the cost of conditions that are linked to pollutants and toxins found in soil, air, water, food, neighborhoods and homes. Some of these conditions are cancer, lead poisoning and chronic conditions such as autism, ADHD/ADD, and asthma.

 Recent data was used to found out the estimated number of conditions in children that were caused by environmental toxins. Medical care, and issues such as lost productivity from parents looking after their sick children were calculated to find out the the annual cost of diseases caused by environmental illnesses.

Trasande said:

"Left unchecked, these preventable environmental factors will continue to harm the health of our children and push up health care costs," Trasande said. "By updating environmental regulations and laws aimed at protecting the public's health, we can reduce the toll taken by such factors on children's health and the economy." (Health Affairs)

The study showed that less money is spent on asthma care and that lead exposure was reduced since an analysis was done in 1997. Sadly, newly environmentally induced conditions such as ADHD and mercury exposure had increased instead. Interestingly enough, in the Health Affairs' article, the mercury exposure is only linked to contaminated fish and coal-fired plants without mentioning the biggest cause of all, the vaccines. I don't know about your children, but there's no way that I will be able to serve enough fish to cause mercury toxicity in my children. Most children are not crazy about fish. It is not mentioned that dental amalgams contain mercury either.

The breakdown of the costs:

Lead poisoning cost $50.9 billion in 2008

Lead may also be a contributing factor in autism, ADHD, cancer, asthma, ad intellectual disability. Paint is not the only source of lead, canned food, insecticides, cigarette smoke, and drinking water can also contain lead. I found out that the water in the drinking fountain at my son's school had more lead than it should. 

Childhood cancer cost $95.0 million in 2008

It is very upsetting that our government allows so many chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Instead of removing the harmful toxins from our food, toys, drinks, air, and building material,  they spend a fortune on research that will not remove cancer.  The government needs to work on teaching everyone prevention, and it needs to focus on nutrition and real food instead of trying to prevent us from growing and eating real food.

Autism cost $7.9 billion in 2008. 

This is a huge amount of money and the amount of children diagnosed are rapidly increasing. First of all, I am not saying it works for all children, but there are many parents that have successfully reversed autism. I think that parents should have the choice to explore their options. The insanity is that after talking to autism parents, it is obvious that many therapies that have shown progress have all of a sudden been shut down by insurance companies. Once again, the government ignores data that certain things such as vaccines may be a trigger in autism. A doctor like Dr. Wakefield lost his medical license when he proved a connection between the MMR vaccines and gut problems. 

Intellectual disability cost $5.4 billion, ADHD cost $5.0 billion, Mercury exposure cost $5.1 billion, and Asthma cost $2.2 billion

Sadly, many of these conditions can be prevented and even reversed. It is more important than ever to keep the body fully nourished to make it stronger. A strong body can resist toxins better. Some nutrients even work as antidotes to heavy metals.

Authors recommendations

The authors recommend more reduction of lead paint to protect the children, to be stricter on the air quality to curb the mercury emissions, and to test new and existing chemicals. While I agree with their recommendations, they're missing important factors such as the amount of lead found in water and the mercury exposure from vaccines and dental amalgams.

Toxic world

This study didn't mention toxins such as GMO, MSG, aspartame, vaccines, food dyes, and other substances that have been linked to ADHD, autism, cancer and asthma. At least not what I could tell from reading the article, however, the general description did mention pollutions found in water and food. The authors did point out that toxicity testing of substances should be done.  We need to work hard to avoid these toxins, and  I know that it is getting harder to do. Nutritional deficiencies and gluten sensitivity have also been linked to many conditions so we need to keep an open mind to various causes of disease.

We are living in a toxic world and some of the toxins are impossible to avoid. There are however many things we can do to improve our health by not allowing many of them to be produced in the first place. The amount of chemicals in the food is a disgrace. Most children in this country grow up eating things that are so full of chemicals that they do not even fit into any food groups.  The total ignorance from the government when it comes to evaluating research that prove that our children are getting sick from vaccines, flouride, polluted water, GMO products, beauty products and  pharmaceuticals is also a disgrace.

We need to start by supporting non-toxic products

I believe that we can cut the costs of childhood diseases caused by environmental toxins if we are stricter about what kind of chemicals we allow. We also need to realize that nutrition is important and take responsibility and feed our children real nourishing food. I can't emphasize enough that a fully nourished body can handle toxins better. The government is not going to protect us so we need to show that we don't accept the toxins by supporting non-toxic products.

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