Make An Easy Facial Toner

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I  made a real quick facial toner earlier today. A toner is used to remove all traces of the cleanser, act as a gentle astringent, brighten the skin, heal the skin, and restore the acidity level. It is quite easy to make a facial toner and you don't need many ingredients. You can use distilled water, herbal infusions, or floral waters for the toner. Today I decided to make a infusion of  calendula and lavender flowers. 

The standard recipe for a facial toner is:
4 oz. water or herbal infusion
1 teaspoon dispersant like aloe vera or vegetable oil
5 drops of essential oils
 -Mix the essential oil with the dispersant and add to the liquid.  The dispersant is used to dissolve the essential oil.

Today I used:
A couple of teaspoons of lavender and calendula flowers for the infusion 
3 drops of lavender essential oil
2 drops of frankincense essential oil
I like to divide the toner into a couple of spray bottles, but I mix all the ingredients in one bottle first. Even though the main purpose of this blend is to be used as my facial toner, I can quickly use it for any little scrapes, cuts or bruises on any of the other family members. 

You can choose the herbs, essential oils, and the vegetable oils that works for best for your skin. My posts Aging and Mature Skin, Combination Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, and Massage oils will help you decide what oils you need.
Why did I pick these ingredients?
Lavender has traditionally been used for eczema, burns, acne, wounds, insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes. It's anti-inflammatory and soothing properties have a balancing effect on the skin. It's cytophylactic, which means it encourage growth of skin cells, is ideal for mature skin and treatment of burns. 

Calendula has anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary, emollient, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It has traditionally been used for wounds, diaper rash, stings, warts, varicose veins, fungal infections,abscesses, cold sores, bruises, cuts, sprains, sores, scar tissue, muscle soreness and more.

Frankincense rejuvenates aging skin by improving skin tone and returning dry and oily skin to normal, balanced state. It firms skin, promotes healing and fights inflammation.  

As you can see it is not hard to make your own facial toner. 

Thanks for reading!

Before you leave:

I recommend that you always perform a skin patch test when you try a new oil.

Check out my safety page to make sure you are aware of any contrindications before you use essential oils. Some oils are not suitable when suffering from certain conditions. AlsoRead this Before You Start Using Essential oils. Some oils should not be applied prior to sun exposure so make sure you check this list before spending time in the sun.

Not sure how to apply the oils? Visit these pages to learn how to apply the oils:
If you're new to essential oils you might want to check out my Getting Started Guide. 


Johanna is an aromatherapist and she is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. 

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