Healing and Relaxing Infused Oil

10:04 AM Posted by jo

My daughter Paola and I decided to mix dried lavender and calendula to make a healing and relaxing infused oil in the crock pot.

Infused, or macerated oils, are prepared by heating a base oil and herbs together. There are two methods, the Solar Method, and the Crock Pot Method. Infused oils can be used instead of plain oil in massage oil blends to enhance the healing benefits.

They can also be added to soap, ointments, bath oils, and used as a stand alone remedy. 

We added two tablespoons of lavender.

The original instructions calls for 1/2 oz. of dried herbs
or 1 oz. of fresh herbs.

Lavender has traditionally been used for eczema, burns, acne, wounds, insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes. It has a calming effect that is very useful during stressful times.

We also added two tablespoons of dried calendula flowers.

Calendula can be used as a cleansing, soothing wash for cuts and grazes and will aid in preventing infection. Infused calendula oil is a good oil to keep in your first aid kit.

It has traditionally been used for wounds, diaper rash, stings, fungal infections, abscesses, cold sores, bruises, muscle soreness and more.  It is important to remember not to use calendula when an infection is already present, as it can stimulate tissue growth, healing over a wound and encourage the infection to internalize.

We added 1 cup of base oil. Grape seed, sweet almond and apricot seed oils are some oils that you can use. You can customize the base oils according to what suits your skin the best. Leave it on low in the crock pot for two hours.

We strained the oil.
You could repeat this a couple of times to make a stronger oil.

Paola put the oil in a bottle and added some drops of lavender. She made the bottle look prettier by putting on some fancy stickers. Makes a great holiday gift.

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