Fitness Monday - Let the Metabolism Work in Your Favor

6:10 AM Posted by jo

Counting calories doesn't work
Losing weight is more than counting calories in versus calories out. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to eat unlimited amount of food, while you can't even cheat once without gaining weight? Have you tried several diets just to be frustrated that you gain it all back once you start eating regular food? Does it seem impossible to lose those last 10 pounds no matter how much you exercise and cut back on calories?

First of all, let's make it clear, regular calorie restricted diets don't work. Once you eat wholesome food you notice that your cravings are reduced since you feed your body with low glycemic index carbohydrates and good quality protein. By eating the right kind of food  there is no need to count calories or weigh your food. The idea is to make long lasting lifestyle changes that keep you healthy and lean for life instead.

Do you eat the right kind of food?
There are many reason why people have a hard time losing weight. For example, nutrient depleted fake food throws off the metabolism and promote inflammation. Inflammation has been identified as being the root cause of most chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, eczema, heart disease and many more. The importance of fresh fruit and vegetables high in antioxidants cannot be emphasized enough. More about this in later posts.

A diet full of nutrient depleted fake food also brings up the importance of detoxification. When the body is exposed to a lot of toxins the organs become overloaded. If the liver is sluggish it cannot eliminate toxic weight or metabolize sugar, toxins and fat. The toxins are stored in the fat cells.

Do you eat what is right for your body type?
How we metabolize protein, carbohydrates and fat also influence our health and weight. Some thrives on a high- carbohydrate and low protein  diet, while others develop insulin resistance on the same diet. Eating according to your nutritional type can make a big difference. I am Protein type, which explains why I feel so much better eating less carbohydrates and more protein.

Food sensitivity can also cause abdominal bloating, tissue swelling and metabolic disturbances that lead to weight increase.

Are you doing the right exercises for fat burning?

Most people make the mistake by avoiding strength training, and by doing so they also lose important muscle mass instead of fat.  Muscle tissues are important because they are the key metabolic engine of the body. This is where the fat is transported so that it can become an energy source for the body. The more muscle, the more fat the body burns even when resting.

Are you spending far too long time on the treadmill without any results? Well, the long sessions of cardio are passe. You need to incorporate exercises that also burn fat long time after you finished. I just recently became interested in  high intensity interval training. It is more effective since in just 20 minutes you can lose up to 9 times more fat than in a traditional program.The best of all, the effects of the training lasts for a long time.

Are your hormones imbalanced?
One of the major reason that many have a hard time keeping the weight off is due to an hormonal imbalance. As Jillian Michaels says in her book Master Your Metabolism, "your metabolism is your biochemistry." The hormones are in control over how we lose weight and how we gain weight. They are in charge and it is up to them to tell the body what to do with the food, either store it or burn it as fuel. They tell the body how to move and how use the energy stores when you exercise. In the next fitness and wellness posts I will cover how you can take control of your metabolic hormones  to let the metabolism work in your favor. So, stay tuned for more posts about the importance of hormonal health to stay lean for life.


Johanna is an aromatherapist and an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.  She is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. She received her aromatherapy education at the American College of Health Care Sciences. 

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