We Finally Roasted Pumpkins and Made Some Puree

5:20 AM Posted by jo

It is the time of the year again when it is time to roast  pumpkins and make some puree for the pumpkin pies. I don't like to buy things in a can so we make sure we buy pumpkins around Halloween  before they disappear off the shelves. I have seen several different ways of roasting pumpkins on the internet. One person roasted hers in a crockpot, and another person roasted her pumpkin whole in the oven. My husband likes to help me with the pumpkin and we decided to roast them the way we always do. We started by cutting the pumpkin in half.

 Next step was to remove the seeds.

 We put the pumpkin with the cut sides down in a Dutch oven. Any roasting pan will do. One cup of water was added before we put the pumpkin halves in a 350 degree hot oven. The recommended time is 90 minutes but we took the pumpkin out after an hour.

 As you can see it looks all nice and roasted. It smelt good too. We let it cool off some before we moved on to the next step.

 The inside of the pumpkin came off without any problem. It was nice and soft already.

 We added the pumpkin to the blender and only mixed a little since the pumpkin was so soft already. A food processors is recommended.

Here is our puree! It looks great and ready for my all natural pumpkin pie. Check out my yummy pumpkin pie post. I'll share how we make a pie with cream instead of canned milk and with maple syrup as a sweetener.

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