Paola Made Her Own Soap - Get the Kids Involved

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My daughter enjoys making healthy things. Paola has become quite talented in making her own skin care products. A while back she made soap for the whole family. She also loves making snacks for the whole family.
Handmade beauty products are also perfect gifts for the family.

The melt and pour method is something Paola can handle with only a tiny bit assistance from an adult. The glycerin and the herbal tea will be hot ,so this should not be made without adult supervision. 

Melt- and pour soaps are quick and easy to make which makes it a perfect activity for older children. These soaps can be made very simple by melting the glycerin soap base and added essential oils. Or they can be made with added herbal teas, rolled oats, dried herbs, rose petals, lavender flowers and more.

Here is how Paola made it:

First she made an herbal infusion of lavender, chamomile, and calendula. Three tablespoons of dried or fresh herbs to every cup of water is the standard recipe. We don't always measure and roughly estimate instead.

First she cut the glycerin soap base into chunks and put them in a bowl. She slowly melted the glycerin by putting the bowl over boiling water.

 Lavender essential oil is a favorite oil, and it is very useful around the house. Paola decided she wanted to add some lavender to the soap. She added several drops to the cooled off herbal tea.

 Paola removed the glycerin from the stove and added the herbal tea. She didn't measure the amount of tea that she added, but it was about 1/4 cup.

Glycerin soaps can be added to single or individual molds. Paola wanted to have several different shapes instead of slices of soap.
Wonderful soothing soap that the whole family can enjoy.

 Part of Paola's Healthy Girls

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