Essential Oils for Skin Care - Aging and Mature Skin

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A mature skin is usually very dry. It is developing wrinkles and lines, and is lacking oils and moisture. Vegetable oils, essential oils, flowers, and herbs nourish, soften, tone, firm, moisturize and protect the skin. Essential oils reach the tiny blood vessels of the skin and can feed new emerging cells by working on the deepest level. 

Smoking, alcohol, and too much sun rob the skin and the body of oxygen and cause premature aging. Other factors such as a nutrient deficient diet, fluctuations in weight and various environmental insults also take their toll on the skin even if the changes are not immediate. 

Wrinkles are skin folding in on itself. The collagen has become hard, and its ability to hold moisture is reduced. 

Since the skin cells are renewed every 28 days I suggest to stick with a new skin regimen for a while in order to be able to see the changes. Regular facial massage will enhance the effects of the oils. 

Essential oils mixed with nutrient rich plant and seed oils work great to nourish and moisturize the skin to counteract wrinkles and aging skin.

As mentioned, a mature skin is less oily and the essential oils of jasmine, neroli, geranium, and rose added to a massage oil may aid in restoring the balance. Massage oils suitable for  mature skin are jojoba, evening primrose, wheatgerm, avocado, carrot infused oil, and rosehip. Borage and vitamin E oil can be added to enhance their effectiveness.
Other oils to consider are hazelnut, kikui nut, macademia nut and St.John's Wort. Don't get stuck on that you have to use these oils, I just made a oxygenating facial gel with coconut oil and it works wonderfully for my skin. It may also help prevent wrinkles.

Facial mists or flower water are very beneficial for aging skin. You can use them during the day to add moisture to the skin, or you can spray on the face right before applying the essential oil blend like I do. So, it works like a moisturizer and a facial toner at the same time. It will  make it easier to apply the massage oil blend when the skin is moisturized by the toner first. Facial toner recipe

I have mentioned the cytophylactic properties of essential oils several times before, and they are especially beneficial in skin care for aging and mature skin. Cytophylactic means that the oils stimulate the generation of new cells, which will aid in preserving the health of the skin. These oils are also used for treatments of burns. Frankincense, lavender, helichrysum, rosewood, sandalwood, patchouli and myrrh all have cytophylactic properties. Find out more detailed information in my post  myrrh, frankincense and sandalwood- Top three Oils for skin rejuvenation

Facial compresses, facial steaming, firming and nourishing masks are beneficial as well. Making your own antioxidant facial serum is also beneficial. You can use the essential oils of your choice.
Use gentle, rejuvenating, and healing herbs for facial steaming. Add a handful of fresh herbs or a couple of table spoons of dried herbs to a pot and simmer for about three minutes. Suitable to use are comfrey leaf or root, rose petals, lavender, marshmallow root since they have regenerative properties. Orange blossom flowers, licorice root and chamomile can also be used. 

Myrrh, geranium, and frankincense work as softening agents when combined. Add 2 drops of geranium and frankincense and 1 drop of myrrh to a facial mask for mature skin. Here is an example of a moisturizing mask:

Natural yogurt 1 teaspoon
Honey 2 teaspoons
Vitamin E capsule
Oat flour 1 teaspoon ( or finely ground oatmeal)
Essential oils 5 drops (geranium 2, frankincense 2, and myrrh 1 drop)

Combine yogurt and honey. Squeeze vitamin E capsule content into the mixture, and mix well. Add oat flour and blend well. You may have to adjust the flour, add essential oils when it looks like right consistency. Apply with fingertips. Relax 15 - 20 minutes before removing with warm water. 

What we eat affect our skin also. Focus on a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, make sure you add enough fibers for proper elimination, and support the liver. Drink plenty of purified water. Make sure you get plenty of exercise. 

 Some essential oils to look for in an anti-aging skin care programs are: carrot seed, helicrhrysum, jasmine, lavender, frankincense, rose, neroli, sandalwood, myrrh, patchouli, geranium, rose.

Essential oils have amazing properties and they fit right into an anti-aging program. Research has been done about the Powerful Anti-Aging Properties of Essential Oils. 

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