The Endurance and Anti- Fatigue Potential of Noni Juice

2:43 PM Posted by jo

First of all, what is Noni and where does it come from? 

Noni grows in most tropical regions around the world but the highest quality noni fruit comes from the South Pacific. It is an evergreen shrub and its white flowers turn into white creamy fruit the size of a small potato. In Polynesia they have used most parts of the plant for centuries but it is the fruit that is used for the juice. Encapsulated Noni  made from the roots, fruit and leaves is also available.

Morinda critrifola and Morinda officinalis are the species with all the health benefits. Over 150 compounds with therapeutic value have been identified by scientists. The two compounds Anthraquinones and scopoleptin have according to Isa Navarre been helpful against bacteria, inflammation, fungus, and allergies. Terpenes is another compound found in Noni fruit that helps rejuvenate cells according to Navarre. Dr. Ralph Heinicke also discovered and named another compound proxeronine. Proxeronine helps the body make xeronine which Dr. Heinicke also discovered. Xeronine is an alkaloid that is very important since it strengthens and regulate protein in our cells.

The WR Terrell Owens made noni well known to the public when he admitted he was drinking noni juice as he healed from his sprained ankle and broken leg. From an athlete's point of view noni has many benefits. An athlete put a lot of stress on its body, and it is important to supply the body with sufficient nutrients.
Stimulating an immune respone is one of the major benefits of noni. It contains phytonutrients which nourish the cells, organs and tissues. Antioxidants counteract the harmful effects of free radical damage caused by strenuos exercise, aging, pollution and other chemicals. It is also anti-inflammatory and alkalizing which are valuable properties when doing sports. An acidic body is more likely to become injured, and training causes a mild inflammation.

Interestingly enough a  study has been done to investigate noni's endurance and anti-fatigue potential.  Morinda Citrifolia was historically used to increase endurance during long trips on the sea.

In one study, Noni juice increases athlete endurance via antioxidant mechanism, by Brett J. West, C. Jarakae Jensen, 40  highly trained athletes (ages 18-27) were divided into two groups of twenty.
One group consumed blackberry juice while the other group consumed noni juice. 100 ml of either blackberry or noni juice was consumed for three weeks. At the beginning of the experiment for each athlete,  the time-to-exhaustion in the treadmill (increasing resistance), urine chemiluminescence analyses and blood analyses were tested. This was also done on day 10 and 21.

The time-to-fatigue of the blackberry group didn't increase, but in the noni juice group in increased by 22%. The blood analysis showed that the lactate level increased in the blackberry group on day 21. In the noni juice group the chemiluminescence decreased by 25%, which showed an great decline in lipid peroxidation. Which was credited to noni juice's antioxidant activity. According to the authors of the study,  "this confirms the hypothesis that improvement in physical performance and energy is associated with noni juice's antioxidant properties." Jensen and West further state that this demonstrates noni's ability to improve endurance in highly trained athletes.

My oldest son started his football practice yesterday so I decided to give him an extra boost of NSP's Noni Juice.
Other benefits are that it promotes healthy skin and joints as well, a great bonus for a 16 year old football player.

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