How I Would Deal With a Scorpion Sting

8:38 AM Posted by jo

We just moved house and we have been in our new place for about a week. It seems like a tradition that we always run into scorpions the first week in a new house. The previously two houses were no exceptions. We have seen two scorpions in the house the past week, and fortunately nobody got stung.

A few years ago I was quite scared of scorpions and I checked the bed every night before I went to bed. I learned since then that it is awfully painful to be stung by a scorpion, but it is not overly dangerous. Naturally, there are people that may be allergic and severe reactions may occur.

The most common scorpion in Texas is the striped barked scorpion and it is mostly found under boards, rocks and other debris. During the hot seasons they like to come inside to escape the heat. Their toxin has very little affect on the nervous system, and will produce moderately reactions in most people. A person  who is stung by a scorpion should be watched closely for a few hours. If breathing difficulties occur, or if pain and swelling persist medical treatment should be sought.

I still don't like the scorpions and they look vicious, and they act aggressively once we try to remove them from the area.

Of course I am prepared  in case anyone in the family should get stung by such a vicious little thing. 

This is what I would do
I always have Activated Charcoal and Black Cohosh  at home, and  I would use Black Cohosh internally. I could use either one as a poultice but my first choice is Black Cohosh.  Black Cohosh is just not used for female concerns, it is also blood purifier. It also has nervine and antispasmodic properties. According to Steven Horne it  neutralizes the venom from a black widow spider, scorpions and rattlesnakes. I would personally take 3-6 capsules of Black Cohosh with 6,000 mg of Vitamin C immediately after the bite. I would moisten Black Cohosh or Activated Charcoal and apply topically as a poultice. For my 9 and 10 year old children I would reduce the amount by half.

II would also  wash with my Antiseptic Vinegar

This is how I would deal with it. When it comes to natural remedies there are always several different ways of dealing with things. This information is not supposed to replace any medical advice. Use your common sense and seek up medical assistance when you feel it is needed. For Black widow and brown recluse spider bites seek medical assistance. I would use natural remedies too, but for poisonous spider and any snake bit I would go to the medical facility as well.

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