Why it is Important to Reduce Toxins

10:55 AM Posted by jo

Children who receive proper nutrients can easier handle the challenges they are exposed to. We live in a toxic world and our children are constantly exposed to toxins through cleaning products, food and pollution. In a 9 person study performed at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, an average of 90 different toxins were found in each person.

Toxins absorbed needs to be eliminated just like bacteria and viruses and it is usually done by the liver. It secretes enzymes  that break down toxins as powerful as  cancer. In today's toxic world it is easy for the liver to reach it's limits, this means it can no longer function like it used to and may be damaged. If the toxins are allowed to build up in the body, the liver will eventually break down and no longer be able to detoxify the immediate problem. This will lead to accumulation of fat, pesticides and pollution in the body. This may lead to cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, skin problems and autoimmune disorders.

Some kids' intestines are so full of toxins and they are swollen and cannot absorb any nutrients anymore. When the intestines are clogged more toxins are absorbed more frequently. If the kids eat fruit and vegetables on top of that, their intestines manufacture toxins from a fermentation process. Toxins that are left behind are histamines, ethanol, methanol, canditoxin, acetylaldehyde, proteinase. When these alcohols are absorbed they travel to the brain, and the alcohol can produce a low dose of alcohol toxicity. 
Constipated intestines produce histamine in high amounts, and when absorbed high inflammation in throat, brain, skin and other places may occur. Toxins from the intestines will end up in the brain, joints and the blood.

Avoid  processed food and eat wholesome food with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Focus on whole grains instead of refined products. Reduce the toxic chemicals in household products, and focus on organic skin care products. Aim for natural gardening as well.

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