Getting the Children Involved - Make Your Own Herbal Shampoo

11:20 AM Posted by jo

My daughter is 10 years old and she loves helping me making health products. One of the things we made was an herbal shampoo, but she also makes simple soap, infused calendula oils and essential oil blends. We will be making our super duper ointment for summer here shortly. They are also growing their own vegetables out in the back.

Here is a post my daughter wrote on our homeschool blog a while back:

Posted by Paola 
Today, my mom decided that we should make shampoo. We followed a herbal recipe.

The first step is to put put four tablespoons of flowers into a big cup. We used dried chamomile, calendula, and lavender. 

Alex and I took turns pouring in the ingredients. Alex poured in the chamomile, and I poured in the lavender and calendula.

After we dropped the flowers into a cup, we boiled one cup of water. After we boiled it, we let it sit for a while and then we poured it in with the flowers.

I mixed the flowers well so that were under water.

After letting it sit for 20 minutes,  we used a coffee filter to strain the flowers.  But the best thing to use to strain the flowers is a cheese cloth.  Handy Tip: Make sure you don't pour any of the flower material into the herbal tea, otherwise it will get bad quicker.

After that we poured a cup of soap into the infusion from the flowers.

Another thing we had to do was pour glycerine and essential oils into the herbal tea. But first, you have to mix them separately. We used lemon oil, manuka oil, and lavender.

Then, we poured the glycerine mixture into the herbal tea, and stirred it slowly.

Lastly, use a funnel to pour the herbal tea into a container. It is best to use a dark container since essential oils go bad if they are exposed to sunlight too long.

I named my shampoo the Essential Oil Shampoo. If you are interested in making a shampoo with essential oils like this, then you will have to be careful while putting it in your hair. You do not want to get it in your eyes.

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