Aromatherapy for Children

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Essential oils are safe for children as long as you follow the safety recommendations. It is recommended to  perform a skin patch test when you use the oil for the first time on the skin. Essential oils are very potent and there are many oils that is best to avoid on children.

There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into a child’s life and they respond very positively to aromatherapy. Methods include aromatic baths, lotions, and inhalation.

Many children also enjoy hand or foot massage. A drop or two of an essential oil on a pillow case is a great way to use essential oils when the child is congested, or has a hard time falling asleep. I used to put essential oils on a cotton ball and tuck it in under my daughter’s pillow.  She was suffering from a persistent cough when we lived in Wales, UK, and I used oils beneficial for the respiratory system.  Aromatherapy diffusers are also a way you can utilize aromatherapy inhalation safely for children.

Bedtime secrets
It can be a challenge many times to get a child to go to sleep, but I noticed that a relaxing calm bath can make wonders at bed time. . Lavender and mandarin have historically been used as bedtime oils and they are well liked by children,  and they can be used in a hand or foot massage before bedtime.

 Make sure the oils are suitable for your child and read the safety post first.

Essential Oil Safety
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