Al's New Twist to the Whey Protein Isolate Shake

1:56 PM Posted by jo

 We drink a lot of protein shakes in our family. Today is Friday and Alex was making his own shake, it is not what an everyday shake looks in our house.  Alex was allowed to add what he wanted today, so he decided to make a chocolate shake with an extra twist.

First Alex added a bunch of frozen berries.

 We like to add  freshly squeezed juice, mixed berries, and fresh fruit to our shakes. For extra nutrition we add things like various super foods such as spirulina, kelp or other mixed green powders, omega 3 oils, ascorbic acid, glutamine, D-Ribose, creatine, and other things that we might find useful at the moment. It depends on what we do and what the need is for that moment. A pre- workout shake is  different compared to an after workout shake. A bedtime or late evening shake consists of fruits that have a low glycemic index, which will modify the blood sugar and insulin response better. Green apples, pears, peaches and cherries have a lower glycemic index.

Hm, he sure is taking advantage of mom's generosity today. Sugar is not something he is allowed to add other days. At least it is unrefined and unbleached with many nutrients intact.  Never the less, it is still sugar. He added the total amount of three teaspoons.

Alex left the carob powder untouched in the pantry and went for the cocoa powder. It was unsweetened but it was not even the dark version. He thought the leftover cocoa from making frosting looked more delicious.

One scoop of whey protein isolate was added to the berries, sugar, cocoa and hot water.

We prefer to use whey protein isolate since it has the highest biological, value and it also has many healing properties. We use the unflavored protein, and we add all kinds of things to enhance flavor and healing properties.  Whey protein is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially B2. It acts on the intestines, kidney's and the liver, and encourage detoxification.

It is not just for athletes, even though whey encourage elimination of acid through the kidneys, allows athletes to work out longer, and it reduces the time it takes to recuperate afterward. Cooking destroys vital nutrients in meat and eggs, therefore it is not possible to absorb the protein the body needs from cooked protein. The body needs vitalized protein, and not cooked denatured.

If you don't have one of these small and useful blenders I recommend you to buy one. We have several in the house but we only display one. I can make several different shakes in a very short time since I have several cups I can use. In our house no one drinks the same shake. My husband and oldest son needs different shakes than the smaller kids after hours of working out.

Doesn't that look yummy?
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