Herbs Commonly Used in Small Animals

7:30 PM Posted by jo

I use the same kind of herbs for my dog and family. This guarantees that the herbs are of superior quality from a company that tests its products for heavy metals and other toxins. Products designed for pets are not always as potent and of as good quality as herbs designed for humans. It is so much easier to have the same products for all and nothing goes to waste.

  Here are some single herbs commonly used on small animals. My post A Holistic Medicine Chest for Dogs covers the most important products I keep at home for emergencies.

Herbs with immune boosting properties: Astragalus, reishi, Oregon Grape.

Herbs that have historically been used for nausea and motion sickness: Ginger, peppermint, chamomile,

Herbs with diuretic properties: Dandelion leaf, parsley, horsetail.

Herbs which have historically been used for liver problems: Milk thistle, turmeric, dandelion root.

Herbs that have historically been used for arthritis: Boswellia, devil's claw, yucca, alfalfa.

I prefer to use herbal blends most of the time since the synergy between the herbs are so powerful. Here are some of my favorite NSP herbal blends:

 Hair and skin: HSN-W

Nervous system: Distress Remedy, Nervous fatigue

Respiratory system: ALJ, Cordyceps, EW, Histablock and Lymphatic Drainage

Digestion: Probiotic Eleven, Intestinal Soothe and Build

Structural system: Joint Support, Everflex, MSM, Collatrim and Proactazyme

Dental: Nature's Fresh

Viral Infections: VS-C, Super Omega 3 EPA, 

Kidney and Bladder: Kidney Drainage, KBC and Kidney Activator

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