Why are Children so Often Sick?

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My husband and I believe in building health instead of curing disease. We make a big effort to create a strong foundation for our children. Our oldest son is an athlete and our health building has made him strong and healthy. Football is a hard sport and many players get injured or have to sit out due to sickness. It is a hard hitting contact sport and some injuries are not preventable.

However, with the right health building the body is stronger and can withstand many injuries. I believe that the right diet and the right kind of supplements have been a great help in preventing many injuries. We make sure our son gets  sufficient amount of minerals, EFA's, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants to minimize the injuries and to enhance the performance.

So why are children so often sick?
The human body is constantly under construction and it keeps renewing itself all the time. The body is producing new cells 24 hours a day to replace the cells that died. For example it takes 28 days for the skin to renew itself and the skeleton rebuild itself every five years.

US Department of Agriculture estimates that 92% of all Americans don’t receive sufficient vitamins and minerals. The American Medical Association says there is strong evidence from various studies that shows that we should supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals, since it is obvious that vitamin deficiency lead to chronic diseases. Extra vitamins are not supposed to be a replacement for a nutritious and wholesome diet, it should fill in the gap of what is missing from the food.

Extra vitamins along with a wholesome diet consisting of vitamins, minerals, omega oils, antioxidants and amino acids are needed to build healthy cells. For example, lack of Vitamin C, A, B12 and zink can weaken the immune system and lead to more frequent colds.

Even though children eat a nutritious diet there are factors that influence the nutrient intake in the body. Stress, physical activity, toxins, refined products and medication all rob the body of important nutrients.

Children who receive proper nutrients can easier handle the challenges they are exposed to. We live i a toxic world and our children are constantly exposed to toxins through cleaning products, food and pollution. In a 9 person study performed at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, an average of 90 different toxins were found in each person.

The different toxins create free radicals in the body which can lead to diseases like diabetes, heart problems, allergies, nerve damage, mental disorders and cancer to name a few. Each cell in the body are exposed to 10,000 attacks from damaging free radicals per hour. Therefore it is important to feed the body with antioxidants who can neutralize the free radicals. Certain vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids work as antidotes to heavy metals.

White carbohydrates
White carbohydrates with a high glycemic index rob the cells of important nutrients. They make it harder for the body to absorb the nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy. This stresses the organs and various processes in the body, and it can eventually lead to inflammation in the body. Refined carbohydrates turn into simple sugars in the body.

Essential fatty acids
The essential fatty acids are lacking in most western diets and the deficiency can play an important role in diseases such as eczema, ADD and inflammatory symptoms. Essential fatty acids are known for improving nerve health and it is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent. The EFA’s play an important role in the makings of prostaglandins, and they assist in regulating important bodily functions such as nerve transfers, allergy and inflammatory reactions.

Empty harvest
Unfortunately it is not possible to receive all the nutrients from the food today. Most adults and children don’t eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables per day to stay healthy and prevent disease.

Tests have been done to compare different vegetables and fruit with each other and the nutrient content vary drastically. The nutrient content even differ between tomatoes picked form the same harvest. 50 years ago our soil was full of nutrients but the modern farming has depleted the soils of vital minerals.

The vegetables and fruit in the grocery stores were picked before it had time to ripen in the sun, so vitamins are lost by the time we purchase them in the stores. The best way to get as much nutrients out of the food is to buy locally grown and as much organic as possible. The ultimate way is start your own garden so everything you eat is as fresh as possible.

Most children have taken antibiotics at some point in their lives. Antibiotics destroy the friendly flora in the intestines so it is important to replace the friendly flora with acidophilus found in youghurt for example. It is important to continue eating probiotics for a few weeks after taking the antibiotics. I always add extra probiotics to strengthen the immune system.

People forget that meat and dairy products are full of antibiotics that can destroy the friendly flora as well. White flour and white sugars are broken down to simple sugars in the body and they create the ideal feeding ground for yeast to grow.

Antibiotics destroy the immune system
Almost half of the immune cells are located in the intestines where they fight invading microorganisms. Antibiotics and immune cells are fighting each other in the intestines and many immune cells die off or are damaged as the result from the fight. This makes the body weak and it also makes it easier for other diseases to take hold of the body. The damaged immune cells have changed shape and functions, and they don’t recognize the normal cells anymore. They start attacking the healthy tissues which can lead to inflammation and nerve damages.

Antibiotics can create an autoimmune attack on the body’s own immune system which can lead to food allergies, asthma, muscle soreness and stomach disorders to name a few. The flora needs to be brought back into balance or otherwise candida may grow. Candida Albicans feed of sugars.

The intestines can quickly become a toxic area that doesn’t absorb any important nutrients anymore. Instead they quickly absorb toxins produced by the bad flora. These toxins quickly spread to the blood and will now circulate in the body and cause damage.

Probiotics mean pro life and they restore the balance in the intestines. We need good bacteria to maintain good health.. Some bacteria help regain health and others re -build health again. The good bacteria even helps to break down the food to keep the intestines healthy. Acidophilus and bifidophilus assist in fighting inflammation by killing dangerous microorganism.
Acidophilus makes the lactos needed to digest milk and it is also involved in producing several B vitamins.

Children can become constipated if the healthy flora is not restored in the intestines after taking antibiotics. Lack of fiber in a child’s diet can also cause constipation.

It is important that the child’s stomach is functioning correctly and that they have frequent bowel movements. If the child is constipated toxins are collected in their intestines, which makes it impossible for the intestines to absorb any nutrients at all.

When a constipated child eats a fruit or an apple, eight toxins are produced in the yeast process in the intestines. These toxins are alcohol, and it means that the constipated intestines can create a mild alcohol toxicity. The substances created are considered neurotoxins and when they reach the brain they have a similar reaction to the nervous system just like alcohol does. A great amount of histamines are also produced which are absorbed by the blood. Inflammation, swelling in the throat, brain, skin may occur, and in other places also where circulation takes place.

Since a constipated stomach leakes toxins which will circulate in the blood, it is vital that the child’s stomach is regular. A constipated stomach may lead to concentration difficulties, ADD, allergies and a weakend immune system. For optimal health a child needs at least two bowel movements a day.

The right tools
By giving the children the right tools you can help them stay healthier and prevent disease. I have noticed a big difference in my oldest son since we removed all refined products, removed processed food and  artificial preservatives etc. My son was born with a malformation on his face called lymphangioma. Every winter season when he was younger he used to get sick, and the right side of his cheek got swollen and was hurting. Since we changed the diet and added some supplements he hasn’t had any problems with his cheek.

We add extra supplements to the diet, which can be pricy, but we consider it very important for our family. We joined a company where we can purchase the highest quality supplements to member price. 

Even if you can’t afford to purchase supplements there are things you can do to strengthen the immune system. I tell our customers that the best thing they can do is to remove white sugar and corn syrup from the diet. So the first step in natural healing is to start by removing the things that harm the body and focus on more natural and organic food and adding more fruit and vegetable to the diet. Buy locally grown since they have more nutrients. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on supplements if the children keep eating harmful food. My children are happier without all the chemicals and I don’t notice as many mood swings anymore. Their ability to concentrate on things have also increased.

We do occasionally eat fast food  since I believe things can be enjoyed in moderation, but when you eat healthy you realize that  processed and fast food make you feel bad. You stop craving it since you feel so much better on wholesome food.  When you have re-trained your taste buds to like natural flavors the artificial taste is so obvious and you'll notice how bad it taste. 

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