Massage Oils

11:54 AM Posted by jo

A lot of people spend a fortune on skin care products which have all kind of claims about their properties and what they can do. Many times these products contain harmful chemicals and are very expensive.

Massage oils can be infused with herbs to enhance their healing power and essential oils can be added for an even more powerful effect. They are a great addition to your skin care regime.  As always you will be more successful if you choose the right ingredients with the properties that suit your needs the best.
Essential oils need to be diluted with base oil when applied to the skin to prevent irritation. Base oils will enhance the absorption of the essential oils.
Follow the dilution chart when mixing oils for massage.

Massage oils have different properties and here is a chart to make it easier to chose the oils that suits your need.

Acne, oily skin: Grape seed, hazelnut

Arthritis: Peanut, safflower, sesame

Bruises: Safflower, sunflower

Burns, scars, stretchmarks: Rosehip (10%), wheatgerm

Dandruff: Evening primrose,

Dermatitis: Borage (10), kukui, sunflower

Dry, mature skin-face: Aloe vera, camellia

Dry, mature skin-body:Macademia

Eczema: Avocado, borage, evening primrose, kukui, olive (45%), sesame, sweet almond

Facial oil-light: Camellia, kukui

Psoriasis: Olive, sesame

Rheumatism: Peanut, safflower, sesame

Sprains: Peanut, sunflower

Sun-damaged skin: Jojoba, evening primrose

Ulcers: Sunflower

Hot oil treatment-scalp: Olive, sweet almond, wheatgerm

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