Bath Salt in a Bottle

The other day Paola and I made a quick and easy bath salt. Paola picked out a few oils to start with. Essential oils need to be mixed with a carrier since they can irritate the skin if they are added undiluted to the bath water.  A carrier can be sea salt, apple cider vinegar, liquid castile soap, vegetable oil, Epsom salt or clay. Here is a convenient list of various carriers and their properties. You should not use more than 8-12 drops of essential oils per bath.  I prefer to use dark glass containers since essential oils should be kept out of direct light. Dark glass containers can be hard to find in this plastic age so I like to recycle all suitable containers. We used  an empty olive oil bottle this time.

Paola did a smell test to decide what oils to use. She decided to use the Peace and Calming blend since it has a wonderful flower aroma. It also makes her feel relaxed. Lavender and tea tree were two other oils she considered. Lavender and geranium make a great relaxing blend, and tea tree, peppermint and pink grapefruit are very  invigorating together.

First Paola put two cups of sea salt in a glass bowl. Then she added 12 drops of the essential oil blend.

Paola stirred to make sure the essential oils blended well with the salt.

We made our own funnel so it wold be easier to add the salt to the bottle.

We had more salt than we needed so we used a pretty glass jar for the rest of the salt. Jars like this can normally be found at stores like the Dollar Store. I don't use them very often since they are transparent, but they make a great gift filled with aromatic bath salt.

Paola made a nice label for our bath salt in the bottle. Sometimes we print labels from the computer to make it more professional. My children rather make the labels by hand and I think that's great since it makes it more personal.  These are great  gifts and easy enough for children to make. Unfortunately we were out a ribbons to tie around the bottle neck.
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