Book Discount Code: Physiological Effects of Adaptogenic Herbs

10:30 AM Posted by jo

My husband's book Physiological Effects of Adaptogenic Herbs on Health, Stress, and Athletic Performance, is now completed. It will also be available on Kindle next week.

We are offering a 15% discount to our readers. You can purchase the book here and use the code XE27K2LN to get the 15% discount.

"Stress is real. We all experience it, and it can't be avoided. Adaptogens are unique phytonutrients that support the body in times of stress. This book explores modern and traditional usage of several of the most popular adaptogens as they apply to health, stress, and athletic performance." Wayne Pedranti

"Change is stress. Stress is change. Change is also metabolism and energy revealed. Change is what causes our need to adapt and it is the adaptogens from nature, from plants, that can improve our ability to adapt. To adapt well means we are adapting to change and stress without significant damage." Cory Holly

This book is also available to order from Amazon as well as regular book stores. 

Author Bio

Wayne Pedranti is an Aerospace Engineer and cyclist who began his interest in natural health after heavy metal toxicity and overtraining syndrome began affecting his competitive performance. He is a Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Cycling Coach, Track and Field Coach, and a Sports Nutrition Advisor. He currently runs Naturally Sports and Wellness with his wife Johanna

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