Purchase Essential Oils

I learned long ago that I save money in the long run if I invest in products of good quality since I would use less of the  supplement to achieve the results. In the long run I will also spend less on medical bills. 

I am sure many wonder why they should invest in expensive essential oils when you can found cheap bottles in the store down the street. When it comes to essential oils it is very important to purchase high quality oils since they can be very toxic and dangerous otherwise. 

Many suppliers compromise their products by diluting or/and adding harmful substances. For example, lavandin is often adulterated with synthetic linalyl acetate to improve the fragrance.  Propylene glycol DEP, or DOP may also be added and these are solvents that don't influence the smell but increase the volume. Frankincense is another oil that is often adulterated. The oil is expensive to produce so it is often distilled with gum resins, alcohol, or other solvents. This means that frankincense is full of harmful chemicals. Oils that are cut, synthetic, and adulterated cause burns, rashes or other irritations.
Essential oils are potent as it is, and they need to be handled with care.  Young Living produces therapeutic grade essential oils are safe to use.

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