Lymphatic Drainage for Lymphatic Malformations

6:42 PM Posted by Jo Pedranti

 My friend Judy is a Craniosacral Therapist and a Occupational Therapist. She works with the local Elks Lodge to treat children with disabilities. The Elk Lodge pays for the treatments of the children that have been referred to her by certain qualified doctors. Children with Down Syndrome, autism or other disabilities come to see her. She also sees my son on a regular basis even though he is not in the Elks program. Judy has recently started lymphatic drainage on Robin in order to treat his lymphatic malformation on the right side of his face.

My oldest son was born with a facial lymphatic malformation called Lymphangioma. He went through a 10 hour surgery at the age of eight weeks but the surgeons didn't succeed in removing all the mass from the cheek. We were informed that if was impossible to remove everything since it was so embedded in the nerves. We were also told to be thankful since it wasn't cancerous. 

Robin as a baby.

 So, what is a lymphatic malformation?
"Lymphatic malformations are abnormal channels and cysts filled with clear lymphatic fluid. Processing this fluid thru the vascular system is very slow resulting in swelling to the affected area. More than 70% of the time, these lesions are in the neck area or axilla. However, the malformations can form in any area of the body."

"The lesions can be defined as macrocystic, a single large cyst,  or microcystic, a collection of tiny spaces and cysts. The LM’s are also described as localized, diffused, deep, or superficial. Depending on location, macrocystic are the easiest to remove. Microcystic are more difficult since they are typically a collection of small cysts which tend to be diffused decreasing the chance of complete removal and increasing the chances of regrowth. If LM’s can be completely removed, outcomes are very successful. However, if LM cannot be completely removed, vitality to the surrounding anatomical structures is critical." Liam's Land

My son had several  infections every year until we became interested in natural health. Once we started eating natural foods and using natural remedies Robin's condition improved. He has become better for every year. Fortunately we haven't seen any regrowth of the removed cysts, on the contrary, it has decreased some.

"This type of therapy consists of a manual massage, performed by a lymphatic drainage therapist. Such a massage primarily focuses on specific lymph nodes and points of the body, as well as the natural flow of the lymphatic system".Wisegeek.

Judy approached me once she was done with her education. and wanted to try lymphatic drainage on Robin. She had learned some exciting information about using lymphatic drainage for lymphatic malformations. We have just started the treatment and we are anxious to see where this lead to. I will try to film the next treatment and give a detailed information on what is happening.

Lymphatic drainage is a holistic approach to promoting a healthy lymphatic system.

This is Robin after the first session. Judy put kinesio tape on the cheek shaped as a star to encourage lymphatic drainage after the session. Robin said he could feel the fluids drain.

Here is a view from his side:
As you can see, the tape is designed to encourage drainage. It is not a big hit though for a teenager to wear this to school.
I will share more about the lymphatic drainage sessions. Next week I will give you another update and some information on how the lymphatic system can be supported with herbs, nutrition and essential oils. Learn more about Robin on his Magician Website.

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