Essential Oils that Support the Endocrine System

10:32 AM Posted by Jo Pedranti

I  used the  EndoFlex Essential Oil blend from Young Living a while back since my endocrine system needed a boost.  I am very pleased with it. My metabolism got a boost and I had more energy than before. I put the oil blend on the vita flex points on my feet.

I have since then changed to a grain/legume/dairy/sugar free diet.  Eating a low glycemic carbs, high fat and protein diet has sped up my metabolism and kept my hormones more in balance.

This is what is said about it in the Reference Guide For Essential Oils:

This is a beautiful blend that may help provide overall balance and support to the endocrine system and may work to improve the vitality of the body. 

The Single Oils in This Blend are:
Spearmint  - Spearmint may help support the respiratory and nervous systems* and may help open and release emotional blocks leading to a sense of balance and well-being.

Sage  has been recognized for its ability to strengthen the senses and vital centers of the body and to support metabolism.* It is helpful for supporting the respiratory, reproductive, nervous, and other body systems.* Sage may help in coping with despair and mental fatigue. 

Geranium is excellent for the skin, and its aromatic influence helps release negative memories. Used traditionally to support the circulatory and nervous systems, a great deal of its strength lies in its ability to revitalize body tissues.*

Myrtle has a clear, fresh, herbaceous scent, similar to eucalyptus. Supportive of the respiratory system, skin, and hair, it has been researched for its effects on glandular imbalances* and its soothing effects when inhaled. 

Nutmeg is comforting and soothing, nutmeg helps boost energy. It also supports nervous and endocrine systems and prostaglandin balance.* 

German Chamomile  has been used to support the body’s natural response to irritation and injury. This oil contains chamazulene, a compound studied for its ability to help the body’s natural inflammatory response.

Safety Data: Can be irritating to sensitive skin. Use with caution if susceptible to epilepsy.

Before you leave:

I recommend that you always perform a skin patch test when you try a new oil.

Check out my safety page to make sure you are aware of any contrindications before you use essential oils. Some oils are not suitable when suffering from certain conditions. AlsoRead this Before You Start Using Essential oils. Some oils should not be applied prior to sun exposure so make sure you check this list before spending time in the sun.

Not sure how to apply the oils? Visit these pages to learn how to apply the oils:
If you're new to essential oils you might want to check out my Getting Started Guide. 


Johanna is an aromatherapist and she is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. 
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  1. Danica Thompson said...

    Combined herbal thyroid supplements with the other thyroid about unstoppable. So much energy now!!!

  2. Makeydomum said...

    Is it ok to use this oil if I take eltroxin for an underavtice thyroid?

  3. Makeydomum said...

    Is it ok to take this oil while taking eltroxin for hypothyroidism?

  4. Jo's Health Corner/ said...

    I would check with your physician before taking essential oils, especially when you're already taking medication.