Radiation - Tips from Gary Young on How Protect Yourself Using Essential Oils

9:20 AM Posted by Jo Pedranti

Gary Young, the founder and CEO of Young Living Essential Oils, sent out a letter to all members of Young Living the other day. First of all, I don't want to create any panic by sharing this information, but since I have plenty of readers from Asia that can benefit from Gary Young's letter  I decided this information is too valuable not to share with you. It is also good to be prepared if something happens near where you live, so keep this for future reference if you don't need it right now.

I see a lot of panic and fear when I read the news or see what people share on facebook. If you live in United States I advice you to read my friend Laurie's post, Do People Need to be Concerned About Radiation Exposure, since she in a very informative way describes why there's no reason to panic. However, it is of course very important to monitor the situation in Japan.

Here is Young's Letter with good information about using essential oils to protect yourself from radiation.

Dear Young Living Family,
As you have undoubtedly heard, Japan is currently suffering from the effects of a massive earthquake, which in turn created a devastating tsunami. Our thoughts and prayers are with our distributors and employees in Japan as they cope with this catastrophe. While all Young Living employees are accounted for, we have not yet been able to make contact with all of our distributors. My team and I are making every effort to get in touch with these YL family members to check on their safety.
Beyond the immediate impact of this disaster, several nuclear reactors on the eastern coast of Japan have been compromised. Radiation exposure can have devastating health consequences, a fact I learned during my extensive research on the Chernobyl disaster in the 1980s. As happened with Chernobyl, there are concerns that any leaked radiation from one or more Japanese nuclear reactors may be carried by air currents across large portions of the globe.

 Japanese authorities are working to repair these reactors and contain the radiation. However, the true extent of these leaks is not yet known, and they could have the potential to affect people in Japan and across the world. Knowing this, we can take prudent precautionary steps to protect ourselves and loved ones from potential radioactive effects.
Use the following Young Living products to protect your home and environment (based upon their availability in your country):

        * Longevity (#3289): 1–2 capsules twice daily
        * Melrose (#3378): 6–20 drops per capsule or in yogurt 1–3 times a day
        * Super C* (#3242 caps, or #3251 chewable): 1–2 tablets daily
        * Thyromin* (#3246): 1 capsule three times a day
        * ICP (#3208): 1 to 2 teaspoons in the morning
        * JuvaPower (#3276): 1–2 teaspoons at night
        * Endoflex (#3333) and Di-Gize (#3324): 1–2 capsules daily (2-3 drops each, put in capsule)
        * NingXia Red (#3003): 4–6 oz. daily
        * Detoxyme (#3203): 3–5 capsules at night
        * Allerzyme (#3288): 1–2 capsules three times a day
        * Essentialzyme (#3272): 1 capsule three times a day
        * Drink three liters of water daily

Mary and I will be taking several steps to safeguard our home with the powerful air-purifying and DNA-protecting properties of Young Living essential oils, and we recommend that you do the same.

 * Use a Young Living diffuser (see diffusers here), coupled with the following oils, in the rooms of your home over the coming days and weeks. Diffuse a combination of Melrose (#3378), Sacred Frankincense (#3550), and Purification (#3399) essential oils. Combine the oils in pairs when diffusing (for example, Melrose with Sacred Frankincense, or Sacred Frankincense with Purification). Melrose is a particularly powerful blend because it contains two melaleuca oils that may protect cells from radiation damage, according to Dr. Daniel Penoel in l’aromathÄ-rapie Exactement.

* Another sensible precaution is to wear an inexpensive dust mask saturated (2-5 drops) with the above oils while you are outside or traveling.

 * A further step Mary and I are taking to protect our environment is burning frankincense resin (#4881)—an ancient method of purifying the air—throughout our house.

While science has not yet made a demonstrable link between diminished radiation effects and essential oils or resin burning, I believe in doing everything possible to protect my family using natural means.

 In addition to the above recommendations, I have created a new kit called QuadShield (#4559). QuadShield combines four potent Young Living products: Super C,* Melrose, Longevity, and Thyromin.* These products may have a synergistic, protective effect on your hormonal and immune systems, and I recommend sending this kit to friends and family in Japan, as well as using them personally in your home.
It is not my intention to alarm anyone or cause undue concern over the developing situation in Japan. However, I strongly believe in being proactive and using readily available resources at our disposal to safeguard our health and those we love. I also feel that this recent disaster could be viewed as a wake-up call to all of us about the radiation that surrounds us all the time and the methods that we can use to protect us from it.
The Young Living executive team and I will continue to closely monitor developments in Japan, and we will provide updates and additional information as the picture becomes clearer.
D. Gary Young,
Young Living
President and Founder

As I said, this is not meant to create panic for people living in the United States or other parts of the world, but there are many living in or near Japan that can benefit from this information. Share this information if you know someone who is being exposed, or may be exposed.

Laurie has some good information about remedies and food that may protect from radiation so read her post, Do People Need to be Concerned About Radiation Exposure.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from a medical condition, consult with your health care practitioner prior to using essential oils.

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She also runs Naturally Sports & Wellness together with her husband.  
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  1. Angie said...

    Good info! Thanks for sharing the letter with us!

  2. Jo's Health Corner said...

    You're welcome Angie!