Do You Need to Clean Your Brain?

1:34 PM Posted by Jo Pedranti

Do you suffer from brain fog, inability to think, or memory loss? Then you may want to consider cleaning your brain. Cleaning the brain may not be the first  people think of when they are planning a cleanse. A good colon and liver cleanse followed by the Master Cleanse, and/or a yeast cleanse can make wonders for the brain according to Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, DC in her book, Inner Tranformations Using Essential Oils by Dr. LeAnn Deardeuff, DC and Dr. David Deardeuff, DC

When yeast grows, it emits a gas similar to formaldehyde. It sounds nasty doesn't it? Essential oils can be very useful for for brain function. They are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and carry oxygen to the brain. 

Dr. LeAnne suggests to try the essential oil blend Purification* by mouth to see if it is clears the brain enough to start thinking better. She also says that Clarity* blend, Brain Power* blend, and Present Time* blend together or separately have been effective in clearing the brain in her patients. 

Dr. LeAnne shares how she put an elderly lady whose children thought was getting Alzheimer's, on a cleanse, got rid off her yeast infection, gave her Clarity blend, and Ningxia Red. Within a few weeks her symptoms disappeared. 

Dr. LeAnne watched a video about  how a doctor measured the effect of essential oil aromas on the brain waves in a young boy with ADHD. The boy was wide awake but the EEG machine showed mostly Delta and Theta waves, even though the boy was wide awake. The Theta and Delta waves are the brain waves that are for deep sleep. Dr. Terry Friedmann, and MD from Scottsdale, Arizona, put a drop of Brain Power essential oil blend on a cotton ball and held it up to the boy's nose for him to breathe. Almost instantly, the brain waves changed to Beta, which is for a person that is awake. The boy couldn't focus or do his schoolwork because the thinking part of his brain was asleep! 

Essential oils can create a chemical effect in the part of the brain that can immediately affect systems throughout the body. The inhaled essential oil travels up the 1st cranial nerve to the limbic system of the brain, and the inhaled aromas go directly to the brain. The hypothalamus and amygdala are also part of the limbic system. As you see, inhaling essential oils can be very powerful.

So, if you haven't tried essential oils and you feel that you need to be able to focus and concentrate on your tasks, then I highly recommend that you to give it a try. My youngest son was looking a little bit sleepy and unfocused this afternoon during school, so I had him inhale some Brain Power straight from the bottle. I also put one drop of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil in his 16 oz drinking bottle, and I encourage him to inhale the aroma every time he takes a sip.

As always, this information is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to diagnose or prescribe.  If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from a medical condition, consult with your health care practitioner prior to using essential oils.

This information is all based on using therapeutic grade essential oils, in this case Young Living Essential oils. Oils not listed as therapeutic grade should not be ingested.

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Johanna is an aromatherapist and she is passionate about educating people about health, essential oils, real food, natural remedies, and nutrition so they make healthier choices in their lives. 
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  1. Laurie said...

    Hmmm....maybe I should try some brain power...?

  2. Novak Jim said...

    I also have brain power oil. It’s truly very effective. I think everyone can increase their brain power by using this essential oil.back and neck pain bergen county